About us

Language Bear is headquartered in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, but our expert linguists and specialist authors are based all over the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom and China. We like to do things differently at Language Bear, focusing on efficiency and proficiency and providing a highly-tailored service for every single client, regardless of their industry or need.

We began by offering writing services in the tourism industry and while we continue to work in this industry, we have also branched out into casino, sports betting, automotive, e-commerce, fashion, health, cosmetics, and more. We have a comprehensive vetting process that ensures every member of the staff—from our writers to our editors—is able to deliver the highest quality work in the fastest possible time.

Communication is also instrumental in our process. We keep the client informed every step of the way, making sure their needs are understood completely and then met absolutely. This helps us to provide an unmatched level of transparency and control, which in turn ensures that our clients get the best possible product even when the deadlines are tight.

Since 2015, Language Bear has gone above and beyond, providing exceptional content for some of the biggest brands in the casino and sports betting industry, while also working across many additional sectors. In our first 3 months, we handled over half-a-million words of content, most of which played a critical role in helping our clients to grow their businesses.

Our process is more individualised. We guarantee that every project will be handled by a writer/translator who is an expert in both the required subject and their chosen craft. We are also tech-savvy, utilising the latest advancements in word processing and translation technology and constantly developing our own software so we can continue to improve our processes.

There are currently over 300 linguists on our books, including a host of award-winning writers, editors, authors, and translators who have years of experience in their fields.

  • 2015

    Started our activity as an autonomous team within a bigger services company. Completed our first content writing projects, which amounted to a little over 500 000 words and were related to the Travel and Hospitality industries.

    • 3 Languages
    • 34 Linguists
  • 2016

    Completed projects in several new industries – Automotive, E-commerce and Computer Software. Introduced translation from English and German to the services portfolio. Expanded the language portfolio with several Eastern European languages.

    • 10 Languages
    • 79 Linguists
    • +103% Turnover
  • 2017

    Completed projects in several new industries – Casino, Sports Betting, Cosmetics and Fashion. Created our own sales team and recruited new project managers. Expanded the language portfolio mainly with Scandinavian languages.

    • 16 Languages
    • 109 Linguists
    • +43% Turnover
  • 2018

    Separated from our mother company in a new legal entity. Rapid expansion and many new direct clients in Casino and Sports Betting industries. Participation in several trade shows and various networking events. Expanded the language portfolio with Western European, South American and Asian languages.

    • 34 Languages
    • 273 Linguists
    • +150% Turnover